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With You Always

June 28, 2020
In his last words, Jesus tells his disciples to make disciples, but he doesn't tell them how.  Instead, he tells them that he will be with them always.  The Bible…

Means of Grace

May 31, 2020
God continually finds ways to bring grace into our lives. Let's be open to how God is doing that, and to who God is using for that purpose.

Right then Wrong

May 24, 2020
When Jesus appeared in Israel, He changed things drastically, but the Pharisees did not adapt to those changes.  The calling of God can change through life; it's important for us…

The Practice of Faith

May 17, 2020
Thinking of good things isn't natural; it has to be practiced, as do other Christian principles.  Christianity is not just agreeing with a set of beliefs—Christianity is something to be…

The Church Together

May 10, 2020
As people of faith, we are always called to work as a team.  The work of faith is a group effort.  How are we to do that while respecting quarantines…

In Difficult Times

May 3, 2020
In this passage, which Paul wrote from prison, he calls us to get in touch with the Spirit of Christ within us, to cooperate with one another and work together;…

Revealed by God

April 26, 2020
True understanding of Christ comes from connection with the Spirit of God. In listening to God, we gain divine understanding, beyond our human experience.

Faith and Wonder

April 19, 2020
It's okay not to have all the understanding or all the faith.  Even the apostle Peter struggled to understand the resurrection of Jesus.  What's important is to continue in the…

Never Abandoned

April 5, 2020
Even in the midst of suffering, we can hold onto hope because of the work of Jesus.  He will never abandon us, but instead is always with us.

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