Online Worship

Due to current government restrictions as of December 27th, our worship services are currently held online via Zoom. We welcome all to join us online for our Sunday worship services at 11:00 am using the following login:

Zoom Worship Services:
Meeting ID: 561 309 384
Password: 071100

Worship style and activities

At ESUMC Prague, we gather each Sunday morning to worship God, to receive His word and blessing, and to have fellowship with His people.  We play and sing contemporary Christian worship music, and at times we sing hymns.  We serve Communion (the Lord’s Supper) on the first Sunday of every month.  People of all faiths are welcome to attend our services and join our other gatherings.  There is no dress code for Sunday services; please wear what makes you comfortable and what you feel is appropriate.  To see when we gather, look at our calendar.  See the footer for directions, as well as the map in the sidebar.

Children are welcome

We encourage all ages in our worship service.  Children will enjoy singing, laughing, and learning to worship with others during the beginning portion of our service.  During the sermon, they will have the opportunity to learn about the scripture in a more hands-on way in the back of the sanctuary.  ESUMC wants your children to enjoy coming to church each Sunday.  We also want them to learn as much about God’s love as possible, which is why we do both worshiping adults upstairs and then learning about God’s word in many different ways!  We hope that soon you will come to worship with us at ESUMC Prague.

The walk to ESUMC upon arriving by public transportation