We’re an English-speaking Christian church in Prague, consisting of Czechs and internationals.  We get together weekly for worship, Bible study, and fellowship. Please join us in learning about the love of God, the salvation that Jesus freely offers us, and in putting our faith to practice by the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  Your spiritual growth is our priority. All are welcome to attend our services and participate in the life of our faith community.

We encourage you to learn about us, our vision and worship style, view our photos, and listen to (or watch) our sermons.  Please find us also on Facebook and on YouTube.  To visit us, please see our calendar for upcoming events; we have a map on the sidebar and directions at the bottom of each page.  See our giving page if you’re interested in donating online.  We also encourage you to subscribe to our mailing list and contact us.  We welcome any questions.  You may also write us with your prayer requests.

Whether you are an international visiting Prague, are exploring the Christian faith, or are looking for an English-speaking church to call your home, we are happy to have you here.  We look forward to meeting you!