Here are sermons from previous Sunday worship services, whether in audio or video format.  Each one includes Scripture references (and links to those Bible passages from and any graphics or PDFs presented.

With You Always

June 28, 2020
In his last words, Jesus tells his disciples to make disciples, but he doesn't tell them how.  Instead, he tells them that he will be with them always.  The Bible…
Perfection can be considered as making no mistakes; but, such a view leads to fear and lack of growth.  An alternate view of perfection is observing and realizing mistakes and…

The Lost Son(s)

June 14, 2020
Jesus told this parable not for those who are like the younger son, but for those who are like the older son.  In this story, both sons were lost, and…

What is the Gospel?

June 7, 2020
The Gospel is the good news, about the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, through which He saved us from our sins.  We are not to walk in shame, because…

Means of Grace

May 31, 2020
God continually finds ways to bring grace into our lives. Let's be open to how God is doing that, and to who God is using for that purpose.